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Group Trainings By Professional Trainers

Price & packages

We like to keep it simple - choose from our 3 packages that fits your interests:

Our packages:
• 2024 NEW YEAR DEAL!! UNLIMITED Open Gym for € 49,- per month. *monthly terminable

• 1 Hyrox OR Strength OR Watt-cycling training per week + UNLIMITED Open Gym for € 69,- per month. *monthly terminable

• Go all-in and enjoy UNLIMITED Group Trainings (Hyrox/ Strength/ Watt-cycling) + Open Gym as often as you wish for € 99,- per month *monthly terminable

It is our goal to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try every program we provide, but we understand that you'd like to ensure a good experience before going all in. Therefore, all our packages are designed monthly terminable to let you try us out 😉

Contact us via WhatsApp and we'll be glad to help choosing the best package for you.

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We strive to show you performance in your fitness journey.

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