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Reach your own performance goals

Group Trainings By Professional Trainers

Price & packages

We like to keep it simple - choose from our 3 packages that fits your interests:

• Unlimited Open Gym for your self-guided training for € 49,- per month.

• 1 Hyrox OR Strength OR Watt-cycling training per week + unlimited Open Gym for € 60,- (annual subscription) or € 69,- (monthly subscription) per month.

• Go All-in and enjoy UNLIMITED Group Trainings (Hyrox/ Strength/ Watt-cycling) & Open Gym as often as you wish for € 85,- (annual subscription) or € 99,- (monthly subscription) per month.

It is our goal to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try every program we provide. Contact us via WhatsApp and we'll be glad to help choosing the best package for you.

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We strive to show you performance in your fitness journey.

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