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The Most Advanced Indoor Cycling Training Exists

Effective Trainings For Every Cyclist

Your watt-cycling journey in Lead Out Gym always begins with an introductory session to find out your current training zones. So no matter how experienced you are as a cyclist, you will train at the same intensity with everyone else in the room based on your own personal zones. There are 4 different Watt-cycling training programmes available in Lead Out, each with their own emphasis:

1. WattCycling d'Huez
The emphasis in the WattCycling d'Huez programme is on a combination of longer intervals and lower cadence with a lot of resistance. Ideal for preparing for cycling tours in the Ardennes, Alps or Pyrenees.
Duration of training: 80 minutes

2. WattCycling Tri-Endurance
The WattCycling Tri-Endurance programme targets cyclists and triathletes who want to prepare for longer bike rides and/or time trials. The emphasis is on longer endurance blocks. The time trial position can be practiced well here.
Duration of training: 80 minutes

3. WattCycling All-round
The WattCycling All-round programme is a combination of the d'Huez, HIT and Tri-Endurance training. All facets of training will be covered.
Duration of training: 80 minutes

4. WattCycling HIT
The High Intensity Trainings consist of brisk intervals at high intensity. Suitable for athletes with concrete performance goals for high-speed events, sprints and attacks. No matter if you're preparing for official races or city sign sprints, this programme ensures top speed in your legs.
Duration of training: 80 minutes

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